Triangle Super League Power Rankings -Week Three

Zac Hines

North Carolina FC (1 [+0]) — The first stumble for the U23s still nets them a point and remains at the top of the table. Other teams are catching, if they want to stay on top this draw will need to be an outlier.
Next Match: Vs Lazers SC — A battle for the top of the table. 3 points here will put massive separation from most of the pack.

San Lee FC (2 [+1]) — San Lee went in and did what they needed to do last week by grabbing three points from SOSA. The Sanford side put up respectable numbers and proved they should be in the conversation for the top of the table, sitting outside of the top slot by only goal differential.
Next Match: @ Raleigh Inter FC — San Lee is up against a team on the bottom half of the table this week. Three points in this game would set them up for a good opportunity to knock the U23s off the top of the table.

Lazers SC (3 [+2]) — Lazers soundly beat Moros with a buzzer beater goal. They are within striking distance to the top of the table and are now beating teams I thought would be contenders. Don’t sleep on the Lazers.
Next Game: @ NCFC U23 — The Lazers have an opportunity to shake up the top half of the table with this match. A draw or win here keeps NCFC within reach.

Wake FC (4 [+0]) — An interesting result this past week. Wake seems to be a hot/cold team and I think Tobacco caught them on a cold week. I’m keeping them at the middle for now, but not scoring against Tobacco is concerning.
Next Match: @ Moros FC — A golden opportunity to get points from a team that seems to be falling after a strong start. Will Wake be hot or cold this week is the question.

Moros FC (5 [-3]) — Moros falls three slots this week on my power rankings after conceding three goals in back to back weeks. Was I too high on Moros early?
Next Match: vs Wake FC — Battle for mid-table. One point separates these two teams and the difference is being on the top or bottom of the table. Will Moros make me look like a fool and continue to drop?

Raleigh International FC (6 [+0]) — A draw with the top of the table is a big point. Raleigh is still looking for their first win of the season, and they will need to do it soon to keep up.
Next Match: vs San Lee FC — Back to back tough games for Inter. They’ll be looking for at least a point here, but securing their first win would be a big opportunity to turn the season around.

SOSA FC (7[+0]) — SOSA has scored in back to back weeks and were unfortunate to not pick up a point on the road against San Lee last week. They seem primed to turn the corner, just haven’t gotten the right roll of the dice yet.
Next Match: vs Tobacco Road FC — Two teams with no wins, sitting at the bottom of the table. Both will be fighting hard to take away all three points for the first time this season. Expect this game to be hard fought on the pitch.

Tobacco Road FC (8 [+0]) — Despite moving up a position on the table, I am not convinced TRFC has fixed their early woes. A nil-nil draw against a shaky Wake team is a missed chance to start digging out of their negative goal difference. Prove me wrong.
Next Match: @ SOSA FC — Anything less than a win here proves Tobacco hasn’t righted the ship.

Zack Leischner

North Carolina FC (1 [+0] — Didn't get the W but they will take a draw. Poor game for the kids after a strong week in Game 2. Just goes to show you that you can take any days off.
Next Match: Vs Lazers SC — Best game of the week. Top of the table is on the line. NCFC needs at least a point.

San Lee FC (2 [+1]) — Huuuuuuge win for San Lee last week. After a weak game one San Lee has shown that they are competitors in the league.
Next Match: @ Raleigh Inter FC —Should be a easy game for San Lee. A win will do favors for them come later weeks.

Lazers SC (3 [+2]) — Lazers just keep on climbing the table. Lazers sit at a great place and only have this week left to make a mistake.
Next Game: @ NCFC U23 — LSC NEEDS a win here if they want to hav a fun next week. Not sure if that'll happen but its my game of the week.

Wake FC (4 [+0]) — Wake just continues to be solid. Anther “alright” game. Hope to see them start to stand out here soon.
Next Match: @ Moros FC — Speaking of standing out, heres a perfect game to do just that. #4 vs #5 should be a fun one to watch.

Moros FC (5[-3]) — Moros is my last team on the list with at least a W. A loss this week could see Moros too far down the table to make a come back.
Next Match: vs Wake FC — Just like Zac said this game is the Battle for the Middle table. Either win for a chance to sit with the big kids or continue to be a little kid.

6 Raleigh International FC (6[+0]) — Need to see something happen for Inter. Yeah a point was great last week but need to see some goals from this side.
Next Match: vs San Lee FC — Another tough one for Inter. I’d like to say this one will be easier but you don't wanna let your guard down against San Lee.

Tobacco Road FC (7 [+1]) — Giving TRFC a bump since they got a draw against a strong Wake FC side. Need to see more flavor from the Bull City.
Next Match: @ SOSA FC — A perfect game for some more flavor. A win here can push you out of the bottom and fighting for mid table.

SOSA FC (8[-1]) — Need to see some swagger for Sosa. More goals and more swagger.
Next Match: vs Tobacco Road FC — Just like what I said for Tobacco Road. Get a win and be mid-table or lose and stay last. This should be a fun one.

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